Rindalshytter is the oldest producer of leisure homes in Norway. Since 1964, the company has a long history in building cabins towards this marked. Mainly, the cabins were traditionally made of timber logs. Today Rindalshytter provides a crossover between tradition and modern design.

Gapahuk, is the result of a collaboration between Rindalshytter and the Norwegian architecture and design office Snøhetta, and proves how architecture can be a tribute to the landscape. It is the first time the internationally renowned Snøhetta has created a cabin for a producer of ready-made cabins. The shape of this particularly cabin is created to fit into any scenery – by the sea, up in the mountains and in the woods. This is world-class architecture.

Due to the twisted roof, the shape blends into any surroundings. At both ends the cabin opens up through tall windows. Additionally, several tall windows, make sure the daylight fills the cabin all the way through. From morning to evening, with spacious rooms indoors, covered patios outdoors, and areas where you find shelter from the wind, the light passes through. Behind every inch, there is a genuine planning and solution. Due to the environmental considerations and the low maintenance materials that will obtain a beautiful patina, Gapahuk will last for several generations.

Rindalshytter is also well known for Lysthus, Langhus, Retro and Kvist. Lysthus and Langhus are launched together with industrial designer Ole Petter Wullum, Retro and Kvist are a result of a collaboration with architect Lisa Asmervik.